This conference aims to discuss policy choices in the aftermath of the Great Recession. It will examine the issues both from the perspective of developed and emerging economies. From the viewpoint of developed economies, the conference will discuss the implications of forward guidance in monetary policy as well as fiscal policy issues. The conference also seeks to inject a historical and institutionalist perspective in the policy discussion by examining the implications of cultural differences in the EU as well as the historical experience of financial crises. Finally, the conference aims to provide empirical evidence regarding key policy choices facing emerging economies in terms of the effects of capital controls and the derivation of an index of financial conditions. The attendance is likely to be around 100 participants, with academics, business economists as well as practitioners from policy institutions such as the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, the Istanbul Bourse, and others. The participation of the TUSIAD Chairman in providing opening comments as well as the policy panel at its conclusion are also likely to lead to significant press coverage and attendance.